Zap and Pipe

Bringing DeFi more friendly to everyone


With the purpose of building the most friendly DeFi ecosystem for everyone now Defily proudly introduces Zap and Pipe.

Before Zap & Pipe

Before the introduction of Defily's Zap and Pipe features, adding, removing, and swapping liquidity was quite confusing for beginners:

To add LP on DEX, you needed to:

  1. Swap to 1st token.

  2. Swap to 2nd token.

  3. Add LP of 1st token and 2nd token.

To swap LP's on DEX, you needed to:

  1. Remove input LP to 1st token and 2nd token.

  2. Swap to 3rd token.

  3. Swap to 4th token.

  4. Add output LP of 3rd token and 4th token.

After Zap & Pipe

And now, with bits of help from Zap and Pipe, beginners don't need to learn how to add LP or remove LP anymore. Just Zap from $KAI to any LP, then swap between LP's by using Pipe with these following easy steps below:

How to farm or deposit in vault on Defily?

  1. Have $KAI in your wallet.

  2. Zap to any LP you want (such as DFL-KAI).

  3. Stake in vault or farm.

How to switch between Farms or Vaults on Defily?

  1. Unstake from old farm or vault.

  2. Pipe to new LP.

  3. Stake in new vault or farm.


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