Dungeons and Strategies

What are Dungeons/Defily Vaults?

Dungeons/Smart Vaults on Defily Finance are like savings accounts for your crypto assets. They accept your deposit, then route it through strategies that seek out the highest yield available in KAIDEX.

What does Dungeons/Defily Vaults do?

Smart Vaults automatically perform a multi-step transaction for you and its action depending on which chain it fit.

  1. Auto-harvest rewards with average 30 minutes or whenever someone deposits/withdraws.

  2. Charge 2% on harvest rewards to buyback DFL and burn, 1% on rewards to pay for the strategy developer.

  3. Auto-compound back into your staked value.

  4. Stakers will receive DeFily Dungeons Token (DDT) as receipt for your staking.

On Advanced Strategy Vaults, when you make a withdrawal from a Vault, it will automatically sell all your KLP token rewards then you receive what you deposited.

Dungeons Fee Structure

  • The people who stay in the Vault are unaffected until they withdraw.

  • Withdrawal Fee on total holdings will be put back into respective Vault to benefit the loyal stakers (so who stay earn more).

  • Rewards will buy back DFL and burn to DEAD address:

  • Defily doesn't have any performance fee (controller fee).

  • When staking in DFL vaults, you will still be entitled to your share of trading rewards that may be provided on Kaidex. These fees, if applicable, are not factored into the APY calculation on Defily Smart Vaults.

Beauty of Math + DeFi

Proudly introducing Advanced Strategy by Defily Dev Team, we reach the best performance of staking to get maximize APY, below is how it calculated:

APY5 = APY 5min WKAI-> BECO = 98.5%* (APR week WKAI/7/24/12) (2.13)

APYX4 = APY 5 min BECO-KAI = 98.5%* (APR week BECO-KAI/7/24/12) (14.90%)

APY WKAI X4 = ((1 + (APY5/2))^105192) + {(APY5/2)*[(1+APYX4)^105193-1]/(APYX4)} - 1

  1. Every 5 mins, half of the rewards will be cut by 1.5% so we have 0.985 multiply with half reward, then compound back. So after 1 year (1+APY5/2)^105192 (every year is 365.25 days * 288 times compounding a day - 5 min per compound )

  2. Other half rewards will be sold into BECO-KAI LP and deposit in. Next 5 minutes, another half of the rewards will be sold into BECO-KAI LP and deposit in. We have 105192 intervals like that. So the second half formula is (APY5/2)(1+APYX4)^105192+(APY5/2)(1+APYX4)^105191+(APY5/2)(1+APYX4)^105190+…+(APY5/2)(1+APYX4)^0

  3. This is the infinite series of addition, the formula equals to (APY5/2)*[(1+APYX4)^105193-1]/APRX4

  4. Add 2 half of StratX4 then we have this ONE

  • Small differences can lead to high differences with auto-compound.

  • 60 days to 365 days is 6X the time so^ 6 then *6.

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