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League of Dragons

DAO Portal (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

Why Defily DAO - League of Dragons?

Defily DAO has only one single purpose: build the products and infrastructure necessary to accelerate DeFi across multiple blockchains so that every person in the world can approach it.
Projects and people from anywhere can come together to collaborate and build the products our space needs. Shared ownership in the Defily DAO gives builders the incentives to build while the decentralized governance can ensure those incentives remain fair to all parties. The idea is less competing and more collaborating.
Any decisions are made through a governed vote including what, how, and when Defily DAO products are created. Equally important is ensuring there is a fair distribution of $DFL to give all participants the opportunity to get involved and benefit.

What can DFL holders do with our League?

DFL holders can propose new product ideas to the League, pitch the proposal to the greater community over the video, and finally take the proposal if it passes these stages to an official vote for approval. Once approved by the DAO, the Defily DAO ops team will collaborate with them to build it, fund it, and market it. Of course, the intention is that it’s not a singular community member proposing these but instead many contributors coming together to create the best products we can.

Collaboration with League of Dragons

Defily builders are open and willing to collaborate with anyone wanting to build together. It would be amazing to see leading developers and DeFi protocols participate in this program.
This structure is meant to give everyone an opportunity to build what’s needed regardless if they are an individual developer, blockchain company, dev shop, or just a person with an idea. Anything launched by the Defily community should be inherently fair, transparent, and rewarding all those involved in bringing the product to life. This includes shared fees, token rewards, etc.

Commitment to the League

We believe that together the community can build the products that our industry needs more effectively, compared to single centralized entities building fragmented solutions.”
The above concept was perfectly shared by Badger DAO so we want to hold the exact spirit for Defily DAO, and push it further to another level of Governance.
While giving people fair opportunities to grasp $DFL token through Fair Launch Genesis Farm, Defily pays 8% of every $DFL minted to the Defily DAO Treasury, establishing the decentralized budget for the DAO, so that it can fund the activities in the future. $DFL token holders can participate in the Governance Contract to propose and vote for any payments made by the DAO, exactly like they would if they were shareholders of a public company.