Defily Finance

Voting in League

Go Vote! Let your voice be heard and unleash your inner dragon power to the Defily community...

Voting in DAO

DeFily DAO is forked from a Snapshot, the system that is used by many big names such: UniSwap, Yearn, and Yam Finance. Snapshot means that the DAO will snapshot, screenshot, or take a picture of all wallet balances at a particular time to record the voting power. In this case, the time is the block number.
Now how do we know when that block number comes? Open the and check the current block number. You can estimate when it comes to the proposal block number. I said estimate because the average block time is ~5 seconds (KAIDEX) and not always exact.

Enter voting

When it comes to the proposal block number, you have to prepare DFL/DRAGON in your wallet. It represents your voting power, once the block passes, which is 5 seconds, your voting power is recorded. Once voting starts, you can vote on the proposal respective to your voting power (DFL holdings at the time of the snapshot).
$DFL, $DRAGON, DDTX4_DRAGON are the 3 tokens that counted as voting power. While proposals are inactive, you can change your voting decision at any time but are unable to undo the vote.