Participate in IFOs

Farm new tokens on Kardiachain...

How to participate in Castles/IFOs?

Before IFO:

  • Stay tuned on our Telegram Announcement for upcoming Castles, we will announce all information you need to be prepared.

  • Normally you can only stake 24 hours before rewards being disbursed.

  • When there are officially less than 24 hours remaining, staking becomes active. Click Approve to approve the contract and start staking.

During IFO:

  • Once Live, the IFO countdown and rewards will be paid out.

  • Click Harvest to confirm the transaction and harvest it. There is no limit for harvesting, so you can perform the harvest function at any time.

  • Click [Details] under each pool for more information about that IFO.

After IFO:

  • IFO pools will close and switch to the finished tab once rewards stop being distributed, so you can go there to Unstake any funds you may have.

  • Don't worry, your staked tokens are always SAFU.

While you are holding LP tokens, you will be at risk of Impermanent Loss.

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