Lucky Property Development Invest


LPD Invest is a 100% Singapore-invested enterprise with a business license 202112208Z, raising capital from the financial market in Singapore and investing directly in LPD Vietnam in the fields of real estate and golf with growth potential, more than 300%/year in golf field.



  • Total Allocation: 562 Participants

  • Total Dragon Staked: 1,940,000 DRAGON

  • Total Raised: 9,118,043 KAI


  • Option 1: 927 buy orders, 136 successful investors joined, over-subscribed by 6.81X, almost sold out in 6 blocks (30 seconds). Contract got 1,153,142 KAI.

  • Option 2: Ended with 6,165,544 LPDI bought.

  • Option 3: Sold out.

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