Defily Finance

Mini Farm & FAAS

Mini Farm and FAAS (Farming As A Service)

Mini Farm introduced by Defily

Yield Farming is great. However developing a Yield Farming system requires a huge amount of resources, including a Development Team, Product Team, and Management Team to make it work like Defily or Pancakeswap.
Our goal to bring DeFi to everyone presents a breakthrough milestone as we come up with the mechanism of Mini Farm (Yield Farming As A Service). Mini Farm is similar to Defily Farm in that we allow yield farmers to farm a token by providing LP to the liquidity pairs of that token on AMM's/DEX. The only difference is that the Mini Farm is a part of the Defily Ecosystem and we can activate the Mini Farm on-demand for every partner in a short period of time with limited resources.

FAAS (Farming As A Service): Introduced by Defily

Defily offers FAAS (Farming As A Service) by providing its partners access to its Mini Farm. The benefits of Mini Farms are as follows:
  • Cost: You don’t need to develop a whole Blockchain product, which is complicated, costly, and buggy
  • Time: Some of the major priorities of a Blockchain product are Time (release as fast as possible) and raise awareness in the community. FAAS services on Defily can provide this much-needed service to new projects.
  • Ecosystem: New projects have direct access to a healthy, thriving, and active KardiaChain and Defily community.