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A relaxing lottery game...


Battles v1 currently works similar to a lottery, but there are a lot of plans in the works for v2. In v1 of Battles, your fee to enter battles will be locked in the budget and used to reward battle winners. The number of locked tokens will display on the dashboard and you will try your luck and battling the dragon!
The upcoming Battles v2 will have much more emotional graphics and will be extremely engaging... but that is all we will say for now -- wait for the announcement. Join here:


Normal Fight

  • Winrate: 50%
  • Fee to enter: 5 Dragons
  • Rewards: 10 Dragons

Fight against King

  • Winrate: 5%
  • Fee to enter: 5 Dragons
  • Rewards: 100 Dragons

Battle with Dragon Lord

  • Winrate: 1%
  • Fee to enter: 50 Dragons
  • Rewards: 5000 Dragons