Dragon Wars (coming soon)
The NFTs game for Dragon holders...
Hello Dragon holders, welcome onboard! Defily Dragon Wars is an NFT-based game for growing, training, and battling dragons governed by DRAGON token.

  • Dragon Eggs (NFT's)
  • Dragons (NFT's)
  • Train Dragons
  • Breeding

  • Marketplace (NFT's marketplace)
  • Dragon Battle (3 vs. 3 mode)
  • Quests & Events

  • Food & Accessories Sales
  • Dragon Battle Upgrade

  • Dragon Adventures (Solo Mode)
  • Tournaments

  • Dragon Lands (Building Clans)
  • Lands Sale
  • Dragon Kingdom Wars (Multiplayer Mode)

  • Turn base
  • Skill selection

  • Arcade mode
  • Solo play

  • Buy lands
  • Build clans
  • Fight other clans
Stay tuned for more information. Official Group: https://t.me/defilydragonwars Grab some news: https://t.me/dragonwars_news Defily Finance Announcement: https://t.me/defilyannouncement
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Q3 2021
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Gameplay Explained:
Phase 1: Dragon Battle 3vs3 Mode (Axie Infinity style)
Phase 2: Dragon Adventure Solo Mode (Super Mario style)
Phase 3: Multiplayer Wars (Clash of Clans style)