Defily Finance

Tokenomics V1

How is $DFL Token Going to Launch?

A Fair Launch is conducted by Defily:
  • Defily Dev Team (TB Labs) and Kardiachain Team started the protocol.
  • No surprise launch date and list of assets for staking. The entire community knew a week in advance all these details.
  • Team is publicly known and involved in ongoing operations.
  • No investors or capital raised.
  • No seeding of liquidity on exchanges by Defily.
  • Leaving control and decisions to the community of how to best distribute and utilize a significant portion of token supply.


  • Max supply capped at 1,000,000,000 $DFL Crosschain. 200,000,100 $DFL for Kardiachain. 799,999,900 $DFL for other blockchain.
  • Farming rewards: 83% to Defily farmers
  • 4.5% founder rewards for founding team (one of the founders is Kardiachain Team) and 4.5% dev rewards for TB Labs, and 8% goes to Defily DAO Treasury.
  • Initial Farming (Genesis farming) period: 60,000,000 DFL (first 30 days) - 2,000,000 DFL per day.
  • Perpetual Farming period: 140,000,000 DFL (endless and will never reach that cap)
DFL max supply cap will always remain at 1,000,000,000 of which millions have already been permanently burned and will continue to be burnt via IFO's, Smart Vaults, and more.
Do not transfer assets into the DAO Treasury unless you intend on making a donation. Transferring assets into the DAO Treasury will not return any DFL tokens or any other tokens. Any assets transferred into the DAO Treasury address cannot be recovered unless there is a DAO proposal and vote to do so.