What is Dragon Castle (IFO Launchpad of Defily)?

Initial Farm Offering is a special type of token offering that gives you the ability to farm a new launch token by Farming them in staking pools.

In the first-ever “IFO” session of Castles, each person was able to contribute a MAXIMUM of 1,000,000 DFL-KAI LP tokens. These tokens were burnt at the end of reward distribution. The final allocation received was subject to the total amount staked in the session. The purpose of capping at 1,000,000 LP tokens was to minimize the impact of needing to battle whales, although bots and the creation of multiple wallets on DEX platforms as a trading strategy are inevitable.

Types of pools in Castle

Exclusive Pool is the special Pool that offers farmers the ability to farm special tokens (usually famous tokens), such as KUSD-T, KAI, DPET (on Kardiachain), or BNB, CAKE, etc. (on Binance Smart Chain), etc.

You need to stake Dragon token to farm these well-known tokens as rewards. Staking and Unstaking can be done at any time. There will be no burning of tokens and, as such, less risk for stakers.

Want to launch your IFOs project?

Launch your project with Defily to bring your token directly to the most active and rapidly growing community. Defily team will do our best to respond to your email within 48 hours.

You can register for an IFO on Defily Finance at the link here.

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